Ang R. Bennett

Ang is an Omaha based mixed media artist, curator, and advocate. They are a member of the Nasty Artist Collective – a community of local artists seeking to use the arts to bring about social change. Ang is a 2020 Young, Black, and Influential award recipient for Creativity. Their art practice focuses on past and present themes of racial inequity, class privilege, and LGBTQ2IA identities.

Ang’s curatorial experience includes an internship with The Union for Contemporary Art, lead curator of Unapologetic Me: A
Celebration of Black, Queer Art, and several NAC group shows.

Ang’s work has been displayed in Split Gallery, Hot Shops Art Center, Apollon Art Space, Petshop Gallery, RBR G, and Michael Phipps Gallery.

Project 270 - Nebraska

Nebraska Poster

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