Established in 2014 as an offshoot of Mana Contemporary, Mana Public Arts (MPA) began as a contemporary art program devoted to large-scale, site-specific installations by renowned artists from around the world. Our mission is to support public art and the communities which they impact.

MPA is committed to inclusion and strives to remove class based barriers associated with museums and galleries in order to give the community access to art. Through our public art initiatives, we aim to energize communities, celebrate diversity, evoke empathy, create educational opportunities, inspire valuable dialogues, and amplify marginalized voices.

To date, MPA has worked with, Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles), Lauren YS (Los Angeles), Kobra (Brazil), Ron English (Illinois), ROA (Belgium), Saturno (Spain), Hiero Veiga (Denver), Atomik (Miami), Faith47 (South Africa), Space Invader (France), Buff Monster (New York), How and Nosm (New York), Augustine Kofie (Los Angeles), Nychos (Austria), and COST (New York) among others.


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  • SoHo Broadway Initiative

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