Maiya Lea Hartman

Maiya Lea Hartman is an acrylic painter and mixed-media artist born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Being a self-taught artist, their work has largely been informed by generational influences. Growing up Maiya spent much time watching their dad draw and paint and was encouraged to create without setting self-imposed limitations.

The work that Maiya creates is influenced by observations they make of the world around them. They often examine how our environments affect our ability to express our needs and feelings, both as individuals and communities, by exploring human nature and examining the way we interact with our environment. The subjects of their portraiture are both real and imagined. They often use self-portraits as a means of understanding their own connection to identity and environment. By using mixed-media materials familiar to childhood, such as glitter and sequence Maiya enhances complex narratives being explored and draws on nostalgia playfully.

Project 270 - Minnesota

Minnesota Poster

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