Ruben Sanchez

Born and raised in Madrid, adopted by Barcelona in the early 2000s with short periods in NYC and currently back in Spain after three years in Dubai (stay that started with a one-year art residency with Tashkeel), Sanchez is a self-taught artist with a strong, graphic style that resonates through all of his projects: murals, sculptures, public installations, graphic design or video.

Coming from the cultural worlds of graffiti and skateboarding, Sanchez started learning by himself graphic design and illustration to pay the bills. This took him to the art direction of different skateboard companies and design studios but broke up with the computer in the mid 2000s and went back to the analogic work, where he changed the screen for wood, saws, brushes, murals, spray cans, street elements, or canvases. This rupture wasn’t definitive since they still see each other from time to time.

If you dissect his work you will find that graffiti and graphic design from his old days, cubism, connectivity, tribal art and mediterranean lifestyle among many other things. All this mixture, including his continuous explorations with volume in the past years will take us to a natural evolution that is making of Sanchez’s work what it is nowadays.